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Mix It Up , Be Creative. #Smoothie


I was kind of bored and thought of what i could do with a few items i found in the kitchen.

It came out quite sweet tho. so i encourage you to give it a shot.


1 Lemon (squeeze juice)

1/2 Lime (squeeze juice)

1/2 Grapefruit (squeeze juice)

1 cup of Pineapple

1 small cup of Coconut Water

1 1/2 Red apples (Peeled & Cored).

1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds.

Serve in a glass and enjoy.

By the way, i use a NutriBullet juice extractor which gives the opportunity to extract all the nutrients in my fruits and vegetables.

WARNING: please kindly seek a dietitian’s advice for alternatives if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used.

Take Carrots Everywhere You Go.


Thinking of what to snack on in between meals or while in traffic, carrots come quite handy for me.

I take them almost everywhere possible, washed and ready to eat.

They are not messy and can fit into pockets, backpacks or ladies bags.

So instead of a Candy, Chocolate or Gala, eat carrots because they are healthy and guilt free.

Health Benefits

  • Helps improve night vision
  • Helps reduce intestinal gas
  • May help ease constipation
  • May help ease indigestion
  • Helps relieve menstrual pain
  • Helps relieve premenstrual irritability
  • Boosts the skin’s glow.

Source: Nutriliving.com

#Lunch – Boiled Plantain with Seafood Vegetable Stir fry.


Thinking of something healthy for lunch, why not try my boiled plantain (unripe preferred) with my seafood vegetable stir fry.

Very easy to cook especially when you have the already made seafood vegetable stir fry.


1 Plantain

A good serving of vegetable seafood stir fry – see recipe here Vegetable seafood stir fry

Boil plantain in water for 15 – 20 minutes.

Serve and eat with the already made vege stir fry or any other vegetable cooked by you.

WARNING: please kindly seek a dietitian’s advice for alternatives if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used.

Chocji Smoothie

Strawberry, Seedless Grapes , Goji Berry + Organic Cacao Nibs (8)Strawberry, Seedless Grapes , Goji Berry + Organic Cacao Nibs (1) Strawberry, Seedless Grapes , Goji Berry + Organic Cacao Nibs (5)Strawberry, Seedless Grapes , Goji Berry + Organic Cacao Nibs (4)Strawberry, Seedless Grapes , Goji Berry + Organic Cacao Nibs (2) Strawberry, Seedless Grapes , Goji Berry + Organic Cacao Nibs (3)    Strawberry, Seedless Grapes , Goji Berry + Organic Cacao Nibs (7)Strawberry, Seedless Grapes , Goji Berry + Organic Cacao Nibs (9)

Once you set your heart into anything in life, inspiration for that task or project can come from anywhere.

So i just came back from a lawn tennis training session, yes , lawn tennis, i love it because i get to run around a lot and it is highly intensive so it is a good form of exercise for me.


2 cups of Strawberry

1 cup of seedless red grapes

2 Tbsp of Goji Berries

2 Tbsp of Raw organic Cacao nibs.

2 cups of Water

Blend until smooth and serve on ice.

Healthy living comes at a cost. Are you ready?

healthy living

There is a cost to every decision you make in life and there are consequences for every action.

If you have decided to take your life back, to start living healthy and eating responsibly, there is a cost to it.

This decision you are about to make or you have just made will cost you a few things listed below based on my own experience;


2. Relationships

3. Money.

1. Time – It waits for no one.

Time as we know is the most valuable resource on the surface of the earth and I kid you not there will be no time for exercises or cooking of healthy meals if you don’t consciously create it.

You will have to create time to go to the gym depending on your daily schedule, work and family commitments.

You will have to create time to shop for healthy foods, definitely you need time to prepare and cook them. The only food you can ever be sure of in life to be cooked without the addition of ingredients like sugar, excessive salt or oil is the one cooked by you or your significant other if they happen to share your vision of healthy living.

If you are in place where is no gym, you need to find a group of like minds you can join or create time to jog round where you live if it is safe to do. You can also explore indoor exercises like planking, sit-ups, crunches, skipping and press-ups.

  1. Relationships.

Ooops someone is already shouting what do you mean by this?

Not everyone around buys the idea of you wanting to change your lifestyle in order to prolong your life. I have heard of and watched TV proms showing spouses and family members who become unreasonably envious and jealous of your new lifestyle.

This may stem from the fact that you no longer eat what they eat and drink what they drink or you no longer join them on that frequent trip to the hospital or outings.

You will need to let everyone close to you know your recent decision and somehow carry them along if necessary to make your life easier.

For example clubbing every Friday and Saturday, you will have to cut back on this and your friends may find it hard to believe that you won’t be going out clubbing or dining next weekend.


  1. Money (#, $)

Yes, there is no free lunch in life, someone has to pay for it.

Depending on the approach you take to achieve your weight loss target or healthy living goals, the following are what you should plan for;

  1. Gym membership fees: (I recommend a no contract membership gym for a start).
  2. Personal Trainer fees: (A personal trainer is a qualified person trained to help you achieve your healthy living goals. They can train you on the use of the various equipment at the gym or advise on your diets if that is part of the area of expertise.

iii. Clothing: You will need to buy sport clothes and a good running or jogging shoe. It doesn’t have to be expensive but make sure it is a durable one.

Also as you lose weight, you will need to buy a few clothes that suits your new body size. You will notice this from your underwear e.g. pants/boxers as the case may be because of the loss of pounds around your waistline.

  1. Healthy foods are expensive: From vegetables to fruits and seafood like prawns, calamari, crabs you will find out they are more expensive than junk food like burgers and chips. 1 litre of Coca-Cola is cheaper than 600ml of water where I live. You can see the system is not designed for you to live healthy. These companies want you to buy their products so that you end up sick, then you spend money on fixing your health by buying drugs and paying for hospital charges, so it is a vicious cycle.

Please remember your healthy lifestyle choice is a journey and work in progress so there is no need to rush or pursue impractical ways of losing weighty or living healthy.


Image credit: http://www.superfoodsam.com/

Breakfast for champions.

Breakfast 002Breakfast 001

Breafast 003Breakfast 004

My week has been going alright so far. How about yours?

I just came back from a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which I had with a personal trainer at the gym.

I must confess that dude was mean but very supportive making sure I completed all the exercises he mapped out for today. Every part of my body felt the hit but it is for my own overall good as I have determined to kick out fat, stay healthy and keep trim.

I actually have a goal to lose 10kg in 6 months (wish me luck), else there will be no new clothes in the coming year for summer till I arrive at my target size and shape. My main concern has been my stubborn pot belly, which is a product of uninformed eating habits and lifestyle.

So it is time for breakfast which I have been advised never to skip and to make sure I eat it at the right time which is around 7am –  8am since our body has been at rest (fasting) throughout the night, that is assuming you are not one of those who wake up at night to have a bite from whatever is available in the fridge or on the kitchen table.

 I settled for porridge garnished with some seeds and berries, boiled eggs and a glass of smoothie, see recipe below;

 1 Cup of Porridge (Oats)

 2 Cups of Water

2 Boiled Eggs (picture below shows one becau   se i couldn’t wait to eat that before taking pictures for the blog).

2 Teaspoons of Chia Seeds

2 Teaspoons of Raw Organic Cacao Nibs

2 Cups of Blueberries

Cook in water for 3 minutes.

Serve and enjoy with a glass of smoothie.

WARNING: Please kindly seek a dietitian’s advice for alternatives if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used.

5 tips to pick the best seats for your flight on any plane By John Walton


1) Avoid the front or back of the cabin if you like it quiet

Galley kitchens, lavatories and areas where passengers tend to congregate to have a stretch tend to be at the front and back of the cabins.

And bassinet crib positions for babies and families with young children are usually at the the front of each cabin — which means the back of a business class cabin might have babies in economy just the other side of a thin wall.

All of those factors combine to be pretty noisy, so if peace and quiet is important to you, pick a seat elsewhere.

Inflight bars and lounge areas also tend to be found towards the front and back of the cabin, so if you’re not planning to imbibe then pick a seat as far away from them as possible.

2) Go for an exit row, not a bulkhead, if you want legroom…

We’ll steer you away from heading for the bulkhead if stretched-out legroom is more important to you than space for your knees.

The difference is that you can extend your feet underneath the seat in front of you, but not if there’s a bulkhead wall ahead.

There’s usually more space for your knees in the bulkhead, though — and, when space is tighter at the back of the plane, there’s crucial space for your laptop too.

The emergency exit seats — where the rows of seats are spaced further apart for emergency access, and there’s no bulkhead wall at all — are almost always the best for the seriously tall passenger.

3) …but for extra elbow room, try far away from the doors

If you pick one of the least desirable places on the plane — a window or aisle far away from the doors — you’re banking that nobody will want the even worse middle seat next to you. So you’ll have space to spread out your carry-on bag, papers and laptop.

This is a bit of a gamble, since if the plane is absolutely full, you’re plumb out of luck and you’ll end up in a less-than-best seat.

But most planes have a few spare seats free, and the last to be filled tend to be middle seats at the very back if the plane only boards from the front, or three quarters back if the plane boards from both the front and rear doors.

(Extra tip: Frequent flyers often like to snag a seat in the last few rows on front-and-rear boarding flights since they can be first off.)

4) Aisle fan? Pick a seat in the centre section if there is one

On larger planes — the ones with two aisles, like a 747, A380 or similar — fans of aisle seats are better off picking a seat in the centre section if there’s a choice.

(Naturally, this doesn’t apply to business class seating where everyone has direct aisle access.)

Sitting in the centre section of those seats almost always means that you’ll have fewer passengers picking their way over you than if you were sitting next to a window passenger, no matter whether you’re in business or economy.

And sometimes — like in Qantas‘ A380 business class below — there’s no middle seat in the centre section at all.

Even if you’re on a plane where there are middle seats next to you, they’re less desirable for other passengers than window seats — so they’ll be the last filled, increasing the likelihood of a spare seat next to you.

5) Hunt down the smallest cabin on the plane

Again on those larger planes, check out whether there’s a smaller cabin tucked away somewhere. Often, the plane’s design and the airline’s layout choice mean that there’s a smaller cabin with just a few rows of seats — perfect for a quiet and productive flight.

On a Boeing 747, this often means the upper deck — usually business class, but sometimes economy or premium economy ends up there too, in a very comfortable layout.

Some Airbus A380 layouts have economy class upstairs, in a more spacious 2-4-2 layout rather than the 3-4-3 seen downstairs.

Virgin Australia’s Boeing 777 planes (the ones heading to Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi) have a whole row of business class in its own separate little cabin — the exclusive Row 5.

So keep an eye on those seating layouts and see if there’s a smaller cabin you can pick.

Bonus tip: keep checking back, especially 7, 3 and 1 days before departure

If you don’t like the seat you can pick at check-in, make sure you keep checking back periodically. (Try setting a calendar appointment to remind you, noting down the six-digit PNR booking reference number in the appointment so you have it to hand.)

Often, airlines will keep back the very best seats for their most frequent flyers to start with, and those seats will then be released back into the general pool as it gets closer to your departure.

And other passengers who have snagged your favourite seat might have changed flight, been upgraded or swapped places.

Particularly useful times to check back are seven days, three days and twenty-four hours before your departure. Those tend to be the times that airlines most frequently shift around the seats they might have been keeping back.

Why not seafood stir fry?

Hi folks, this afternoon while i was on the train going home, i was seriously craving seafood and the thought came to my mind why not seafood infused vegetable stir fry?

I couldn’t wait to get home, unfortunately i had only prawns and salmon to cook with so i made use of what i had.


3 slices of Salmon

3 medium-sized Carrots

2 cups of Prawns

2 Onions

2 measures of Broccoli

2 cups of Kale

2 cups of Celery( stalk + leaves)

1 Lemon (squeezed juice)

Olive oil.

Cook in Olive oil for 10 minutes and you are ready for a yummy dish.

You can eat with small portion of brown rice or quinoa if you can’t eat alone.

WARNING: Seek a dietitian’s advice for alternatives if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used.

Onion + Celery + Prawn + Spinach + SalmonAll ingredients- Seafood Vege Stir fry Broccoli Carrots & Lemon Celery Kale   Onion + Celery + Prawn Onion + Celery Onion PrawnPrwanSpinachOnion + Celery + Prawn + SpinachSeafood Vege Stir fry (13)

Royale Smoothie #PurpleBliss

For those with sweet tooth, who also love colours , this is just for you.

I mean i will make this for a visiting member of the royal family anytime they visit my humble abode down under.


2 cups seedless red Grapes

2 red Apples

1 Grapefruit

2 cups Watermelon

1/2 Beetroot

Blend until smooth, serve on ice drink and enjoy.

Sweet class Juice 103Sweet class Juice 097 Sweet class Juice 098 Sweet class Juice 099 Sweet class Juice 100 Sweet class Juice 101 Sweet class Juice 102  Sweet class Juice 104

Sweet Sour Smoothie (SSS)

I am a fanatical lover of green/vegetable smoothies but i also do fruits and other colours too.

One thing with making smoothies is the freestyle involved. You can combine several vegetables, fruits and seeds, the way you like to achieve the smoothie you want, it is what they call open source in the technology word.


2 cups Watermelon

2 Limes

1 Lemon

1 cup Pineapple

10 Strawberries

Sesame seeds ( Sesame seeds contain the plant compound sesamin, which has been shown to lower cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure, and protect the body from liver damage.)- Nutriliving.com

This is sweet and i love it.

Sweet class Juice 095Sweet class Juice 093 Sweet class Juice 094

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