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Healthy Food Options in Lagos Pt. 2

It gladdens my heart to see that the Lagos food scene has evolved this much. This is super awesome.

coffee & crunches

A couple of months have gone by and I’m happy to report that I’ve discovered even more healthy food options in the city of Lagos!

First on the list…

logo Photo courtesy of Sweet Kiwi

Sweet Kiwi (

IMG_9264 Honeydew froyo with fruit toppings and a wafer straw

Frozen yogurt has been one of my favorite desserts for years. I love that it’s lower in calories than ice cream and that it has probiotics which are great for your gut health. When I was in the US, a quick trip to either Pinkberry or Menchie’s would satisfy my cravings, but when I came to Lagos, I couldn’t find a place that served it. Then I stumbled across Sweet Kiwi one day.

It was a hot and humid afternoon. There was traffic on both sides of Admirality Road in Lekkki Phase 1 (I absolutely HATE getting stuck here) and I decided that I’d…

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