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What To Eat in Hanoi (Part One)

Tho Loves Food

Hanoi is capital of Vietnam and beside authentic and traditional Hanoi food, you probably can find other delicious food of Vietnam in Hanoi, such as Northern ethnic minority’s cuisine, Central or Southern vibes…

I have been asked by many foreign friends about Food Recommendations in Hanoi. This list dedicated to everyone who did, do, and will visit our capital. My aim is to write and make a diversified and new version of Hanoi must-try food list, which is different with ones I have seen many times on social media or news.

This list is created based on food list’s suggestion of Shay (from Daluva), Ellie – my friend in food crime and my own list. (Recommended places here are subjective). Hope this post is helpful and informative for you guys, feel free to comment, I need motivation 😉

This one is literally in every tourist’s guide book, and…

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My Books of 2015 | Agùntáṣǫólò

via My Books of 2015 | Agùntáṣǫólò.

Super Power Smoothie

Super Power smoothie is the smoothie you need to re-energize your body because of the powerful seeds used  in making it.

I love the taste and strength of the smoothie.


1 Carrot

1 Green Apple (cored)

1 1/2 cups of Spinach

1/2 Lime (juice)

1 Tablespoon Chia seeds

1 Tablespoon Sunflower seeds

1 Tablespoon Flax seeds.

How to make the SuperPower Smoothie.

Make sure all your fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed in water with drops of white Vinegar to ensure it is bacteria and harmful chemicals free

Add all the ingredients into the cup of your extractor/blender/juicer, blend for 60 seconds or until smooth.

It is best enjoyed cold, so leave in the fridge for 30 minutes or use a few cubes of ice.

HealthyLiving #HealthyEating #EatToLive #FitFam

©All rights reserved Oladapo Kolawole 2015.

Kale , Spinach + Gizzards #Yum

end of year food blogs 024

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know by now that I love vegetables.

Guess what, this is pretty easy to make so relax and follow my step by step process of making a delicious Kale , Spinach + Gizzards vegetable.


Kale (frozen) 

Spinach (frozen) 




Iru (processed locust beans)


Olive Oil

Remove the vegetables from the packets and pour into a plate so they can defrost.

Peel the onions, ginger and garlic.

Wash the onions, ginger and garlic.

Dice the onions and pour into a saucer or small bowl.

Grate the ginger and pour into a saucer or small bowl.

end of year food blogs 011

Place a cooking pot on the cooker and ignite the cooker.

Pour 1/2 cup of olive oil into the heated pot.

Add the diced onions

end of year food blogs 014

Add the grated ginger.

end of year food blogs 015

Add the diced garlic.

Allow all to cook for 5 minutes.

Add all spices, herbs, salt and locust beans (optional) to taste.

end of year food blogs 016

Add the gizzards.

end of year food blogs 020

Allow to cook for 5 -10 minutes till the sauce is no longer watery.

Squeeze excess water from the kale vegetable, add to the sauce and stir properly.

end of year food blogs 021

Squeeze excess water from the spinach vegetable, add to the spinach and stir properly.

Cover the port and allow to steam for 5 minutes, then you vegetable is ready to eat.

end of year food blogs 025

HealthyLiving #HealthyEating #EatToLive #FitFam

©All rights reserved Oladapo Kolawole 2015.

Breakfast shouldn’t be boring


I had oats and boiled eggs for breakfast but my oats was loaded with some healthy stuff giving it a kind of princely swag.

Let me show you how I made it.

First I added 3 cups of water to a cooking pot and placed on the cook top to boil.

Then I added two tablespoons of my premixed seeds comprising of chia, flax, sunflower seeds and cacao nibs.

I allowed this to boil for 5 minutes and I added 1 cup of oats which is enough for two.

 I stirred the oats and the existing seeds properly, then covered and left to cook for another 5 minutes.

I added 3 spoons of honey and stirred to mix properly.

I added 1/2 cup of blueberries and voila, breakfast was ready.

It was quite yummy.


Peppered Gizzards #SummerIdeas



It is summer here in Australia, the default thing here on a weekend or if you are on holiday like me is to throw a steak on the barbecue but I chose to do something different today.

I got some packs of giblets from Coles (grocery store) while shopping for Christmas and I thought why not some peppered gizzards this afternoon. The good thing about gizzards is they are very cheap, easy and quick to cook.

So let me show you how to make a sumptuous, delicious and finger licking peppered gizzards.


Gizzards (Giblets)



Chili Pepper


Olive or Canola oil.

Spices and herbs.

How to make your peppered gizzard.

First thing first, make sure you wash your gizzards thoroughly in water at least twice.

Wash the tomatoes, onions and garlic too.


Blend the tomatoes and onions briefly to make sure they don’t end up smooth.


Pour the washed gizzards into a cooking pot, add water, salt and spices to taste and cook for at least 30 minutes.

Dice the remaining onion, chili and garlic.

Once the gizzard is cooked, Sieve out the stock and keep meat separate in a bowl.

Pour some oil into the frying pan.

Allow to heat for about 3 minutes.

Add the diced onion and allow to heat for 2 minutes.

Add the garlic into the heated onion and oil.

Stir and allow to cook for about 3 minutes.

Add the blended tomatoes into the heated oil, onion and garlic mix, one cooking spoon at a time to avoid hot oil splashing into your face, body or the cooking stove.

Allow the mixture to cook for minimum of 5 minutes or until the sauce is thick.

Add the gizzards to the sauce, stir continuously to ensure a thorough mix and allow to cook for 5 minutes.

It is ready, you can have it with some cold drinks to counter the effect of the chili or eat with vegetables, salads or rice.

©All rights reserved Oladapo Kolawole 2015.

MelKiSpin Smoothie

I woke up this morning, thinking of a smoothie to drink after my morning exercise.

I came up with MelKiSpin smoothie based on the available ingredients at home with a cleansing effect in mind . This smoothie should help with cleansing your body due to excess food eaten over Christmas if taken for at least 3 days while abstaining from any form of meat.


Watermelon – 1 1/2 cups

Kiwi fruit- 2

Lemon -1 

Spinach -1 cup

Grapefruit – 1/2 (juice).

The star fruit of this smoothie is the Kiwi fruit and the health benefits are listed below;


Kiwi fruits are;

Rich source of Vitamin C
High potassium
High in fiber (Promotes Bowel Regularity)
Helps induce urination
Contains essential fatty acids

Make sure all your fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed in water with drops of white Vinegar to ensure it is bacteria and harmful chemicals free.

Add all the ingredients into the cup of your extractor/blender/juicer, blend for 60 seconds or until smooth.

Serve in a glass cup and enjoy.

HealthyLiving #HealthyEating #EatToLive #FitFam

©All rights reserved Oladapo Kolawole 2015.


#FoodReview – Dinner @ George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant

Today is a public holiday in #Australia, and in continuation of the Christmas celebrations,we went to #Brisbane to feed our eyes and eventually had dinner.

Wifey wanted seafood and i was craving meat (steak, lamb) in fact, any grilled meat will do. No diet this week, that will resume in January.

We have eaten at George’s Paragon seafood restaurant before and our experience there was awesome , so it came naturally on our radar when we decided to have dinner.

We didn’t have a reservation, but the duty manager or staff in charge of bookings, Casandra was quite helpful as she sorted that out and gave us a vacant table quickly. She is an angel.

One quick tip for you , if you are seated in the restaurant between 5:30pm and 6:30pm, it is half rice, yes, you read that right, HALF PRICE !!!. I discovered that today too.


We chose hot bread rolls with butter

City shots & dinner @ George's Paragon 026

Tzatzaki with Greek Yogurt

City shots & dinner @ George's Paragon 027


We all opted for mocktails since we didn’t want alcohol, this drink was the bomb. Sweet, cold, fresh and quite fruity.

City shots & dinner @ George's Paragon 029

There are lots of options on the menu for seafood and meat, but I settled for the ‘Souvlaki’ which is the name for their grilled lamb dish.

City shots & dinner @ George's Paragon 031

The meat came out tender, fresh, yummy, properly cooked and awesome. I enjoyed every bite and would have ordered for more if not that i am conscious of my weight.

In case you want to try to cook that at home, the ingredients are listed below;

Souvlaki – Lamb, oregano, garlic, onion, capsicum, lemon, olive oil, served on rice with pita bread and Greek salad.

I gave the food a score of 8 out of 10 and will recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for an excellent place to dine while in Brisbane.

We were attended to by a waitress named , Kelly (in training) and she did an excellent job making sure our food came out on time , we never ran short of cold water and was quite courteous and friendly.

Restaurant : George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant

Address: Level 1/45 Eagle St, Brisbane QLD 4000

Reservations quite essential to avoid disappointments.

SuperPower Salad @ Grll’d #FoodReview


I was out yesterday to have some fun and explore Ipswich, a beautiful city 40 km outskirt of Brisbane in Queensland.

So after a good swim (playing with water), at the Robelle Domain lagoon, Springfield Central I decided it was time for lunch.

After a quick browse of the different restaurants and cafes located in the Orion Springfield central mall, we settled for ‘Grll’d’, a cafe with specialty in burgers and salads. I had a cook glance at their menu looking for something healthy to eat. Grill’d as stated on their menu, “uses 100 % grass fed beef & lamb and chicken that is 100% free from antibiotics & added hormones”, so I fell in love with the brand philosophy and ordered the ‘SuperPower Salad’.


Grilled chicken breast




Cherry tomatoes

Cos Lettuce



Extra virgin olive oil

Quinoa (extra at $1.50)

Food came right on time after ordering, in fact I was looking at the chef through the transparent kitchen glass while he was preparing it.

I love the shape of the plate and presentation was cool.

I started to eat with an expectation for some ‘yumminess’ in my mouth.

The chicken wasn’t sweet, it was as if nothing (salt, spice) was added to it at all. 

I also feel with the extra $1.50 I paid for Quinoa, there should be some good quantity in the salad but it looks it was just sprinkled on it.

Overall, for $15.00 worth of salad, my expectation was higher than what I got. An extra dash of olive oil would have made the salad juicer too.

I score the food 5/10.

The staff no doubt are good and friendly and the cafe setup was cool.

I will be back again to try a burger.

HealthyLiving #HealthyEating #EatToLive #FitFam

©All rights reserved Oladapo Kolawole 2015.


Best Boosters for Your Weight Loss Smoothie | Eat This Not That

Spike your weight loss smoothies with these boosters for the best dose of essential nutrients. Ignore any others at the juice bar or smoothie shop.

Source: Best Boosters for Your Weight Loss Smoothie | Eat This Not That

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