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Natural Bridge Mountain #Photography



Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 009Australia is a blessed and beautiful country, endowed with breath taking landscapes and tourist attractions.

I drove through a part of the Gold Coast hinterland called Natural Bridge in the Numinbah valley along the Nerang-Murwillumbah road and i was captivated by the mountains and green scenery that abound in the area.

I didn’t have much time to capture a lot of pictures,  i was particularly touched by the mountains that seem to touch the skies and the absolute green landscape all over the place.

I hope to go back one day to explore the beauty of this place.  The Springbrook National Park is also located in the area.

You experience peace , calmness and pure fresh air passing through the windy road that leads to natural bridge.

Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 001Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 002Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 003Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 004Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 005Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 006Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 007Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 008Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 009Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 010Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 011Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 012Natural bridge ,Gold Coast ,Queensland 014

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My Title and Tagline #Blogging101 #Day2Assignment

Our day 2 assignment in the #Blogging101 class encourages us to tweak our titles and taglines.

I initially had my name ‘David Kolawole’ as my title , as a form of ownership and had ‘Lifestyle, Travel & Photography’ as what i blog on.

I have tweaked my title, to do my assignment as “Life is short, have fun !!!” and  tagline as “Lifestyle, Travel & Photography. If you want a lifetime memory, take a photo.”

Happy days

HealthyLiving #HealthyEating #EatToLive #FitFam #EatFresh #StayFit #LifestyleChange #Travel #Tourism #Photography

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Why do i blog? #Blogging101

So I signed up for blogging101 in order to hone my blogging skills and make my blogging education and experience a formal one.

Our first assignment is “who I am and why I’m here”.

Who I am?

I am David Oladapo Kolawole currently resident in Brisbane, Australia with varied interests in lifestyle, travel and photography.

I am a news junkie, so I love listening to and reading news both in electronic and print formats, so if I am with you and you see me flicking between CNN, BBC or Aljazeera news channels , just know I am ok and having fun.

I had this blog registered sometimes in 2011 and initially was just sharing news off news websites, then I lost my mojo and forgot all about it.

I was challenged by my doctor on a routine visit in December 2014 to do something about my health, so I don’t end up down below before time or in the hospital.

I took up the challenge and tried some forms of losing weight like exercises, meal replacements, dieting and along the way I discovered that I am all what I eat and drink and how I live my life , so I caught the healthy living bug and since then it has been a great journey of discoveries. It is my belief that sharing my experiences and recipes will encourage other people worldwide to do something about their lifestyle and take it back from the claws of death and diseases.

I must confess that I am not a good chef so once in a while I try out a few recipes but focus mostly in making dam good smoothies. I have tried so many fruits and vegetables available and that gives me the confidence that one day I will sell my smoothies to a large audience. Wish me luck

I also love travelling and love to document my experiences in photos. I have a Nikon D3200 camera which is quite basic and I have taken a lot of pictures with it that I feel the camera is afraid of going out with me now. I intend to do a series of photography courses with Nikon this year and get another camera so I can become a pro.

Why I am here.

I signed up for the ‘Bloggin101 course so I can gain more knowledge on how to blog properly since I started on my own without any formal training.

I hope to hook up with other bloggers all over the world to give my blog the right exposure and make new friends too.

Thanks to for providing such a great platform.


HealthyLiving #HealthyEating #EatToLive #FitFam #EatFresh #StayFit #LifestyleChange #Travel #Tourism #Photography

©All rights reserved David Kolawole 2016

#FoodReview – Dinner @ George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant

Today is a public holiday in #Australia, and in continuation of the Christmas celebrations,we went to #Brisbane to feed our eyes and eventually had dinner.

Wifey wanted seafood and i was craving meat (steak, lamb) in fact, any grilled meat will do. No diet this week, that will resume in January.

We have eaten at George’s Paragon seafood restaurant before and our experience there was awesome , so it came naturally on our radar when we decided to have dinner.

We didn’t have a reservation, but the duty manager or staff in charge of bookings, Casandra was quite helpful as she sorted that out and gave us a vacant table quickly. She is an angel.

One quick tip for you , if you are seated in the restaurant between 5:30pm and 6:30pm, it is half rice, yes, you read that right, HALF PRICE !!!. I discovered that today too.


We chose hot bread rolls with butter

City shots & dinner @ George's Paragon 026

Tzatzaki with Greek Yogurt

City shots & dinner @ George's Paragon 027


We all opted for mocktails since we didn’t want alcohol, this drink was the bomb. Sweet, cold, fresh and quite fruity.

City shots & dinner @ George's Paragon 029

There are lots of options on the menu for seafood and meat, but I settled for the ‘Souvlaki’ which is the name for their grilled lamb dish.

City shots & dinner @ George's Paragon 031

The meat came out tender, fresh, yummy, properly cooked and awesome. I enjoyed every bite and would have ordered for more if not that i am conscious of my weight.

In case you want to try to cook that at home, the ingredients are listed below;

Souvlaki – Lamb, oregano, garlic, onion, capsicum, lemon, olive oil, served on rice with pita bread and Greek salad.

I gave the food a score of 8 out of 10 and will recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for an excellent place to dine while in Brisbane.

We were attended to by a waitress named , Kelly (in training) and she did an excellent job making sure our food came out on time , we never ran short of cold water and was quite courteous and friendly.

Restaurant : George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant

Address: Level 1/45 Eagle St, Brisbane QLD 4000

Reservations quite essential to avoid disappointments.

BRISBANE, Australia #MyCity Part2

In continuation of my tour of the city of Brisbane posing as a tourist, i got some awesome pictures for you all.

These set of pictures covers majorly parts of Fortitude Valley, which i mentioned in my earlier post on Brisbane, Australia and the rest of the CBD which i didn’t cover in my earlier post. See it here BRISBANE, Australia #MyCity

Fortitude Valley is the fun precinct of Brisbane, this is home to China town, famous clubs & pubs, Asian/Oriental restaurants, luxury car showrooms, residential and commercial apartments.

This is the fun headquarters of Brisbane city on weekends, i mean it rocks here.

Feed your eyes and i hope these pictures will inspire you to visit Brisbane Australia in the nearest future.

I love my city of Brisbane, so give me Brisbane any day. 

©All rights reserved Oladapo Kolawole 2015.

Best Salmon In Town #Brisbane, Australia.

 While taking a tour of Brisbane city (Australia) , I stumbled on a farmer’s market that occurs every Wednesday at the Brisbane city square right in front of the city library . There is a variety of fresh farm produce on display and available for sale. Most are sold directly by the farmers or their staff.

While walking through the various stalls, I came across  a stall  operated by a very hard working woman. She was the one handling the wood grilled Salmon, packing and selling them .

I was impressed by her strength and service so I decided to buy one of Salmon , wow my first bite took me off my feet, by the time I finished eating the slice I bought, I was in the cloud. Every bit of the fish tasted nice and the effect of the wood grill on the fish was second to none. It served as my lunch.

When next you are in Brisbane CBD on a Wednesday, please make sure you lookout for wood-fired Salmon stand to get the best Salmon in town at the Jan Powers Farmers Market.


BRISBANE, Australia #MyCity

I went around my city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia posing as a tourist.

I love this city so much, as it is full of life and constantly evolving to become one of the future cities of the world.

Brisbane can be divided into 3 places of interest, for a tourist who has got only few hours to spare and this can be done in half a day while you are here attending a conference, summit or just passing by.

The 3 places are;

 1. Fortitude Valley

This is home to places like China town, numerous clubs and restaurants of Asian origin, top of the range car shops like (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Land rover, Jaguar, Volvo). I will get photos from this location on another day.

2. South Bank/South Brisbane

          This is the home of fine dining with all the side attractions you can think of. There are lots of restaurants, hotels, offices, residential apartments, educational institutions, hospitals and entertainment sites. It is home to the Queensland museum, Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), Brisbane Convention Centre, The Wheel of Brisbane, ABC news station, The Mater hospital, The Maritime Museum and a host of other tourist attractions.

3. Brisbane Central Business District (Brisbane CBD).

Popular streets are Queen, George, Adelaide, Edward, Ann, Eagle streets.

This is the heart of Brisbane city. It is the seat of state government and the Brisbane city council. It is home to shopping malls like the Queens Plaza, which consists of top brands like the David Jones and designer fashion shops like Zara, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

Queen Street is the most popular street because of the food court and various shops and side attestations like musical bands performing all year round celebrating one occasion or the other. My favourite restaurant on Queen Street is ‘Jim on the Mall’ known for their yummylicious Moreton Bay bugs which is a dish work every cent spent.

Numerous hotel brands like The Hilton, Sofitel, The Marriott (where president Barrack Obama & the US team resided in while here for the G20 summit), NEXT Hotels, Stamford Plaza, Mercure & Ibis, Casinos, pubs, clubs, residential apartments like the Meriton (they have the tallest building on Herschel street consisting of 80 floors) and various corporate offices of multinationals dot the landscape of the city of Brisbane. 

I love my city of Brisbane, so give me Brisbane any day. 


©All rights reserved Oladapo Kolawole 2015.


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