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Best Salmon In Town #Brisbane, Australia.

 While taking a tour of Brisbane city (Australia) , I stumbled on a farmer’s market that occurs every Wednesday at the Brisbane city square right in front of the city library . There is a variety of fresh farm produce on display and available for sale. Most are sold directly by the farmers or their staff.

While walking through the various stalls, I came across  a stall  operated by a very hard working woman. She was the one handling the wood grilled Salmon, packing and selling them .

I was impressed by her strength and service so I decided to buy one of Salmon , wow my first bite took me off my feet, by the time I finished eating the slice I bought, I was in the cloud. Every bit of the fish tasted nice and the effect of the wood grill on the fish was second to none. It served as my lunch.

When next you are in Brisbane CBD on a Wednesday, please make sure you lookout for wood-fired Salmon stand to get the best Salmon in town at the Jan Powers Farmers Market.


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