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What To Eat in Hanoi (Part One)

Tho Loves Food

Hanoi is capital of Vietnam and beside authentic and traditional Hanoi food, you probably can find other delicious food of Vietnam in Hanoi, such as Northern ethnic minority’s cuisine, Central or Southern vibes…

I have been asked by many foreign friends about Food Recommendations in Hanoi. This list dedicated to everyone who did, do, and will visit our capital. My aim is to write and make a diversified and new version of Hanoi must-try food list, which is different with ones I have seen many times on social media or news.

This list is created based on food list’s suggestion of Shay (from Daluva), Ellie – my friend in food crime and my own list. (Recommended places here are subjective). Hope this post is helpful and informative for you guys, feel free to comment, I need motivation 😉

This one is literally in every tourist’s guide book, and…

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