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The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

There are some ideas that seem bad. Then there are ideas that set a landmark for awfulness, ideas that make every appalling decision you have ever made seem mildly brilliant. These ideas do not come along very often, so when they do it is always something very special.

Usually these ideas come from a person with far too much money. This is the case with Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire. Riding off of the high that comes with declaring his run for Parliament, the Australian version of ineffective government, Palmer made a surprising declaration.

Palmer will build the Titanic.

For those who have never heard of the Titanic, it was a huge glamorous ship. In 1912, it launched, sailing from Belfast to New York. Everything was perfect.

Then it hit an iceberg. And sunk.

It sunk hard.

In all 1500 people died, including Leonardo DiCaprio, because, apparently, people can’t survive…

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