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Ekiti PDP elders call for removal of secretary as crisis deepens

By Sulaiman Salawudeen, Ado-Ekiti

The crisis in the Ekiti State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) deepened at the weekend, with party leaders  in Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government Area calling for  Secretary Dr Tope Aluko’s expulsion.

Aluko allegedly stormed the venue of a meeting of the party at Igede-Ekiti and shot into the air to disperse the people.

Three persons were reportedly injured in the melee as people scampered for safety. They are said to be hospitalised.

The party leaders accused Aluko of some offences, saying his activities were dangerous.

Aluko was elected on March 18 during the state congress.

The leaders also called for the expulsion of Mr. Dapo Olagunju and Mr. Deji Aluko, two leaders of the party in the community, for allegedly fueling the crisis in the party.

A leader of the party in the area, Evang. Gbenga Adekunle Moses, described the action of the trio as having “the potentials to permanently castrate the party in the state”.

Moses urged President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Bamangar Tukur, to suspend Aluko “pending conclusion of investigations into the matter”.

He said the party has petitioned Police Commissioner Ibrahim Maishanu, adding that Aluko, who is a friend of former Governor Ayodele Fayose, has been invited for questioning on the matter.

Moses said: “We were in the meeting when, suddenly, the man, who claimed to be the PDP Secretary, emerged in a Peugeot 406 car and fired a gunshot into our midst.

“In fact, some of our members had to escape through the windows and fled for their lives. Many people were injured. This community is one of the strongholds of the PDP in Ekiti State. In the last election, we recorded about 4,000 votes while Aluko could only record 300 votes in Iyin-Ekiti for the PDP.

“This is an unfortunate incident for a man of his calibre. We want him expelled from our party for dragging the name of the party into the mud.”

Since the March state congress, where candidates loyal to Fayose won the key positions, members loyal to the former Governor Segun Oni have formed a parallel exco.

Aluko denied the allegation. He said the group stormed Liberty Hotel in Igede-Ekiti and attacked a former council Chairman, Mr Toba Daramola, and Chief Femi Akomolafe.

The party secretary said the former council chief had called a meeting to resolve some issues when about 200 youths stormed the venue.

According to him, the two party leaders denied Igede-Ekiti the position of Secretary.

Aluko said: “The hotel was damaged by the gun-wielding hoodlums. It is there for you to see.”

Aluko added: “When Akomolafe and Daramola were attacked, they called on me. I had to go there as a party leader. As soon as they sighted me, they started attacking my car. I fled the scene immediately and called the DPO, who later intervened.”

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2 thoughts on “Ekiti PDP elders call for removal of secretary as crisis deepens

  1. To everyone who have commneted on this issue, i would say Mr Speaker of Ekiti State was only expressing what he or his party believed as far as Boko Haram and insecurity issues are concerned in Nigeria; but the truth has to be told, Jonathan or another person in 2015 as President of Nigeria, PDP, CPC or ACN in power come 2015 believe me i see no changes in the manner of which every individual in position of authority is corrupt in Nigeria. Sometimes when people talk about PDP that they haven’t done anything since 1999, i laugh. Can someone tell me those that were elected in April 2011 under the platform of CPC, ACN, APGA into the Senate, House of Representative even as governors of different states what they have done so far? Please can we go and look at their records to know how much they have stolen and how much they have impacted the life of the people who elected them since 2011. Go to Oyo, Ogun, Osun and Ekiti States they are all controlled by ACN but there is no meaningful development since they got into power. In the southwest, apart from Lagos and Ondo States the rest of the governors are just like PDP governors. So what assurance do we have that if we are able to stop Jonathan or PDP in 2015 things we get better? Are they not the same politicians that flip-flop from one party to another? Please Nigerians should be wise and not make themselves an instrument in the hands of these callous politicians. We should be more concerned about the right candidate who can stair the ship of this country in the right direction irrespective of his political party or region where he comes from. It took only Jerry Rawling in Ghana to clean up their mess, we only need a President who is selfless, incorruptible, bold and God fearing to deal with corruption and change our orientation in this country. Please let keep praying to God to touch the heart of Boko Haram for them to realise that they are being used to kill themselves and waste other people’s life for political reasons so that we can all live in peace in Nigeria. God bless Nigeria!


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