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Deola Sagoe’s estranged husband set to remarry

BENEATH her happy-go-lucky façade, talented fashion designer, Deola Sagoe, is not exactly a happy woman at the moment.

Her former husband, Kofi is allegedly in a new romance with a new woman simply identified as Nike. And those who should know informed SC that marriage might be on the cards for the Ghanian-born young man. Since their marriage crashed three years ago, Deola has not been linked with any man, perhaps hoping that she would resolve her differences with her estranged  beau. Insiders, however, aver that their love affair is not likely to be rekindled. Kofi Sagoe has moved on with his life and is currently enjoying a new romance.

So bitter was the ex-couple’s separation that Kofi was brusquely booted out as Managing Director of Toyota Nigeria Limited owned by his father-in-law, Chief Ade Ojo. Kofi later moved out of their matrimonial home and filed for divorce. Few months later, he became the Country Managing Director of SUBARU Nigeria where Yinka Fisher is chairman.


Source- The Nation

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