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Title-mania Grips Nigeria by Stanley Azuakola

Laugh it off please.

THE desire for titles by Nigerians is widely recognized worldwide. However, the title-mania has assumed another dimension with Nigerians now adopting a saying that “if title will not come to Wazobia, then Wazobia must go to title.” Some of the more popular self-inflicted titles include: “Friend of the president,” noticed on a complimentary card, and “Office of the former deputy governor,” noticed on a signpost. Other beautiful titles include a letterhead paper which had “An old classmate to the governor’s wife”, a signpost bearing “This land belongs to the chief critic of Mr. President”, and a car which had the following words boldly crested on it, “I am the sister to the Woman leader of the largest party in the black race.”

Source : The Guardian Nigeria Sunday Magazine

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