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Russian Airforce to Get First T-50 Fighters in 2013


“The Russian Air Force will receive the first batch of prototypes of its fifth-generation T-50 fighter for performance testing in 2013, Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin said on Thursday.

The T-50, developed under the PAK FA program (Future Aviation System for Tactical Air Force) at the Sukhoi experimental design bureau, is Russia’s first new major warplane designed since the fall of the Soviet Union.

“The work on the fifth-generation fighter is going according to schedule,” Zelin, a former Air Force commander, told a news conference in Voronezh (central Russia). “The third prototype has joined the testing program and the fourth is being built.”

The T-50 made its maiden flight in January 2010 and three prototypes have since been undergoing flight tests.

Zelin earlier said that the number of T-50 aircraft involved in testing would be increased to 14 by 2015.

The fighter was first shown to the public in August 2011, in Zhukovsky near Moscow, at the MAKS-2011 air show.”

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One thought on “Russian Airforce to Get First T-50 Fighters in 2013

  1. For my opinion we just orranidy man, why dont we learned other technology, dont just comment but explored these example our neigbours country indonesia, IPTN/IAe capable to produce aircraft and helicopter locally by tech-transfer from other country,if there were nofinancial crisis maybe there can produce they on aircraft and helicopter, perhaps in future may combat aircraft or attack helicopter, but deferent on what we have here, i dont thing we has lack of financial, dont just cari untung or komisen or cari nama saja just few year ago we already develop our aviation industry but where it go, jangan hangat-hangat tahi ayam, we as a 1 MALAYSIAN should improved more knowleadge in this aviation industry, until when we depend on other sources to get our own aircraft, weapons technology???????????Marhalim: Well I understand the need to be dependent sometimes its just not economical to do something just to fill a small part of our needs. If its cheaper to buy from outside, why not. The best thing we could have done was to work with other nations for example Indonesia and Singapore (similar to the Airbus consortium) to build an aviation industry, not a world beater but perhaps a small turbo-prop plane similar to the CN-235 for the export. We must be honest we cannot afford to spend billions of ringgit on an aviation industry that bleeds money from the country’s shrinking coffers. Yeah its great to self dependent but reality sinks in very quickly


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