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Dear  Pastor Akin,

We met last on an Emirates flight from Lagos to Dubai while i was on my way to Australia i can remember what you said” Where are you going? I replied Australia. You said that place is far oh, and we discussed about a few other things”. I never knew that was going to be last time we would ever speak or see again. I also remember vividly your support for all of us during our stay in Eket, Akwa Ibom state. You were always encouraging us in the way of the Lord and was a strong pillar for the youths in Pastor Ade Israel‘s church.   It is well with our souls.  Adieu.Continue to rest in the bosom of our dear Lord Jesus Christ where there is no sorrow nor pain.  We will all miss you.

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He was a very close school mate in College and a family friend. We grew up together in our parents’ church (C and S church) till we both gave our hearts to Christ. I left for Christ Embassy while he left for House on the Rock.

His father was an Elder in our church, while my Dad was also a like a Senior Pastor. He attended C&S College, Ilorin then was transferred to my school Federal Govt College Ogbomoso. While he was in Ilorin, he was his school’s goal keeper while I was mines.

We were best of friends of the field but rivals on the pitch. I was a lot bigger than he was so used to bully him even though was a year ahead then, but he was such a gentle man. Even though he was my senior we were both close because of church and our parents…

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