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5 Re-Commerce Sites That Will Buy Back Your Old Mac

“Did your mouth water, your jaw drop and your eyes bulge over the beautiful new retina display MacBook that Apple announced at Monday’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference? Yeah, us too. As for the $2,199 starting price point? Well, pixels are pricey, especially when there’s 5 million of them.

But there is hope. Supplement your purchase of a stylish new gadget with money you’ve earned from selling the old ones.

First of all, don’t bother with eBay — the site is overloaded with used tech. At last check, there were 51,000 listings for MacBook Pros and 15,000 listings for MacBook Airs. Your gadget might get overlooked in the clutter.

Instead, we suggest you turn to one of these “re-commerce” sites, which specialize in trade-in and buy-back of used electronics. Simply enter information about your device, including its condition and original packaging, if applicable. Bing bang boom! The sites will give you an estimate right then and there; if you accept, they send you a pre-paid shipping label (and in some cases, even a box).

If your assessment of the device’s condition is fair, the money is yours — and your home will be less cluttered for it. I just wonder if the new and improved Siri could have told you that.

Keep in mind that when you’re trading in a laptop, unlike a smartphone or tablet, the resale value will vary by hard drive, RAM and optical drive. Those configurations will have a greater impact on the yielded value than the actual model of the device.

According to Jeff Trachsel, chief marketing officer for NextWorth, the best laptop trade-in values are for Apple, HP, Dell, Sony, Toshiba and Compaq. The highest-value laptops will likely come with Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i3 or Intel Core2Duo 2.0+ GHz processors.

We’ve rounded up a selection of five re-commerce sites, each with a slightly different schtick. Pick the one that’s right for you, and sell, sell, sell!

Quick Tip: Before you send anything in for a re-sell, make sure all of your information is wiped from the device. It’s best to restore your gadget to its original factory settings to be sure everything is deleted. For full details on how to erase the contents of your devices, see Apple’s tutorials for iOS and OS X.”



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