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It Takes Google ‘Now’ Three Days To Figure Out Where You Live

“This is a little creepier than Google Now figuring out which sports team you like. Via Reddit user LAR0311:

I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but Google Now knows where I live. After 3 days on [Jelly Bean], I opened Google Now at work and it gave me time and directions to get back home. I thought it was cool and then I opened up Google Maps on my home computer. Lo and behold there is now a new, completely different looking icon where I live that is labeled home. I didn’t add it nor did I ever even search for directions back home. I’m not afraid of technology or anything, but that one was pretty odd.

Google Now figures out where a Reddit user lives


Now has access to a phone’s GPS information, i.e. location. As another Redditor points out, it makes sense that Google Now would figure out that “the area you [and your phone] spend 8 to 16 hours a night is your home.” Now will also figure out that the spot where you spend eight hours (or more, you workaholic) every day is your place of business.



What I wonder is how our little friend Now will interpret aberrant data. And when I say “aberrant,” I mean the twenty- and thirty-something Android users who spend a few nights each week away from their homes. Will Google Now realize that a particular spot is your “boo’s home” or “that regrettable one-night stand”?

Of course, little Now won’t have to deal with these aberrations as often as Siri will. According to OkCupid, iPhone users are more promiscuous than Android users, racking up twice as many sexual partners in their not-exactly-rigorous study.

If Now knowing where you are — and acting on it — creeps you out, you can find instructions for turnin.”



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