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Beans (Black Eyed Peas) With Swag !!!


Onion + Prawns

“Do you eat any other thing apart from all these your oyinbo vegetables?”  Yes i do.

I know a lot of people who don’t like eating beans just because of the traditional way it is cooked.

So i decided to cook it differently and add a bit of swag, it came out so nice and yummilicious.


Beans (Black eyed peas) -cooked without oil , add a bit of salt.

1 Slice of Salmon

2 Cups of Prawns

1 Onion (diced).

Chilli Sauce.

Prawns were pan-fried in Olive oil with the onion.

Serve and enjoy for lunch. Be ready to sleep afterwards tho as beans is a natural Valium for me.

©All rights reserved Oladapo Kolawole 2015.

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