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Red Grapes, Black Grapes & Strawberries Smoothie #JustThreeSeries

Red Grapes +Black Grapes + Strawberries 007Red Grapes +Black Grapes + Strawberries 008Red Grapes +Black Grapes + Strawberries 001 Red Grapes +Black Grapes + Strawberries 002 Red Grapes +Black Grapes + Strawberries 003 Red Grapes +Black Grapes + Strawberries 004 Red Grapes +Black Grapes + Strawberries 005 Red Grapes +Black Grapes + Strawberries 006

Watch this space for my 3-in-1 #SmoothieToGo or #VeggieToGo for the next 7 days.

I will be using 3 selected vegetables or fruits to make those smoothies or vegetables you have always longed for.

Today’s 3.

You can use either fresh or frozen fruits/veggies.


  1. Red Seedless Grapes – 2 cups
  2. Black Seedless Grapes – 2 cups
  3. Strawberries – 1 cup.
  4. Water.

Extract/blend until smooth.

Serve in a glass cup and enjoy.

This is sweet. #Yummy.

#JTS #HealthyLiving #HealthyEating #EatToLive #FitFam

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