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Royal Beets Smoothie

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One thing i love about making smoothies is the ability to generate and play around with colours.

My Royal beets came out in the colour for royals as i believe we should treat our bodies like royals and our internal organs as princes and princesses.


I made this for two so you can reduce ingredients by half if it is just for one.

2 Small Beetroots (You can see the advantages of using Beetroots here Uses of Beets

1 Banana (You can see the advantages of using Almond Milk  Bananas

2 Cups of Almond Milk (You can see the advantages of using Almond Milk

1 Teaspoon of Cacao Nibs (You can see the advantages of using Cacao

How To Make Your Royal Beets Smoothie?

Wash your Beetroots properly and cut both ends.

Peel the Banana

Add the ingredients into the large cup of your respective extractor, in my own case i use the tall cup of the Nutribullet.

Add two cups of Almond Milk.

Blend until smooth for about 40 seconds.

Allow to cool in the fridge or serve with ice and enjoy.

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