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Military activities reported near Israel-Gaza border

A Palestinian doctor attends to a wounded man at a hospital in Gaza City on Thursday.
A Palestinian doctor attends to a wounded man at a hospital in Gaza City on Thursday.
May 17, 2012 From Kareem Khadder and Talal Abu Rahma, CNN


  • Israeli forces crossed into Gaza, Israeli and Palestinian officials said Thursday
  • Palestinian officials report injuries and tank fire east of Gaza City
  • Israeli officials confirm tank fire

(CNN) — Israeli tank fire wounded seven Palestinians in a farm field east of Gaza City on Thursday, Palestinian medical and security officials said.

A spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces initially denied tank fire was used in an operation against suspected terrorists approaching the border fence near the Karni crossing. However, the IDF later confirmed that an initial investigation “suggests” that tank shells were fired.

Separately, Israeli forces carried out small operations in or near Gaza on Thursday morning, with officials on both sides giving conflicting accounts of events.

According to Palestinian officials, Israeli forces crossed into the town of Beit Lahiya, detaining at least a dozen Palestinians and injuring one. An Israel Defense Forces spokesman confirmed military activity at the location but described it as “routine,” adding that no injuries were reported and that there was no confirmation of arrests.

Palestinian medical and security officials described a third event, saying that the Israeli military crossed 500 meters (about 545 yards) into Palestinian territory south of Gaza City but that the activity passed without incident.

The IDF spokesman did not confirm the event.”

Source : CNN News

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