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‘Dead’ al Qaeda Leader Appears in ‘New’ Video

” ‘Dead’ al Qaeda Leader Appears in ‘New’ Video (ABC News) ‘Dead’ al Qaeda Leader Appears … A new video surfaced online Tuesday featuring al Qaeda commander Abu Yahya al-Libi — the same terrorist that American officials declared dead last week — but the video doesn’t appear to reveal whether it was made before or after his reported death. In the new footage, which was posted in jihadi forums with captions referring to al-Libi in honorific titles generally reserved for the living, al-Libi discusses the ongoing violence in Syria but makes no specific reference to any dates or significant events there. A bloody struggle between Syrian opposition groups and the government has been ongoing for over a year, since well before al-Libi’s reported death. Al-Libi was declared dead by U.S. and Pakistani officials last week following a series of drone strikes in Pakistan. Other al Qaeda leaders have not confirmed nor denied al-Libi’s death, and an analyst with the terrorist tracking group IntelCenter said that it is “not unknown for groups to release videos of key figures that were filmed prior to their death but had not yet been released.” Follow BrianRoss on Twitter Before his death, the U.S. State Department‘s Rewards for Justice program listed a $1 million reward for information leading to Al-Libi’s capture. In 2010, the National Counter-Terrorism Center listed al-Libi as one of al Qaeda’s top commanders and he was described by one U.S. official last week as among al Qaeda’s “most experienced and versatile leaders.” “There is no one who even comes close in terms of replacing the expertise [al Qaeda] has just lost,” the official said. Al-Libi is among the highest profile al Qaeda members to be killed by U.S. forces since a Navy SEAL raid killed top al Qaeda commander bin Laden in May 2011. He recently emerged as one of the most public faces of al Qaeda, appearing in several training and propaganda videos in the past two years. A letter from al-Libi chastising the leadership of the Pakistani Taliban was found among bin Laden’s documents captured during the U.S. raid. U.S. intelligence officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment on this report.”

Source: ABC News

Al Qaeda’s second-in-command Abu Yahya al-Libi killed in CIA drone attack

“Al Qaeda‘s second-in-command Abu Yahya al-Libi has been killed in a CIA drone strike in Pakistan.

Al-Libi was targetted in a pre-dawn US drone strike in North Waziristan, a Taliban and Al Qaeda stronghold along the Afghan border, on Monday.

American officials are describing al-Libi’s death as the most important blow to Al Qaeda since US special forces troops swooped into Pakistan last year and killed Osama bin Laden.

Al-Qaeda's deputy leader Abu Yahya al-Libi speaking at an undisclosed location. Al-Libi was killed in a US drone attack in Pakistan on June 5.Al-Qaeda’s deputy leader Abu Yahya al-Libi speaking at an undisclosed location. Al-Libi was killed in a US drone attack in Pakistan on June 5.

Target: The successful mission will support the CIA's controversial use of drone strikesTarget: The successful mission will support the CIA’s controversial use of drone strikes

A trusted lieutenant of bin Laden, al-Libi has appeared in countless Al-Qaeda videos and is considered the chief architect of its global propaganda machine.

He was a Libyan citizen and had a $1 million price on his head.

White House spokesman Jay Carney called al-Libi’s death a ‘major blow’ to the group and described him as an operational leader and a ‘general manager’ of al Qaeda.

He said al-Libi had a range of experience that would be hard for al Qaeda to replicate and brought the terror network closer than ever to its ultimate demise.

Carney said: ‘His death is part of the degradation that has been taking place to core al Qaeda during the past several years and that degradation has depleted the ranks to such an extent that there’s no clear successor.’

The announcement comes as U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan entered their third consecutive day, with rockets killing 15 people in the country’s northwest on Monday afternoon.

This attack brought the death toll from drone attacks in Pakistan in the past three days to 27.

The death of Libyan-born al-Libi is being described as the most significant blow to al Qaeda since Osama bin Laden's death last yearThe death of Libyan-born al-Libi is being described as the most significant blow to al Qaeda since Osama bin Laden’s death last year

sdfgProtests: Pakistani men burn mock NATO and US flags during a protest against the U.S. drones attacks in Multan, Pakistan on Monday

Al-Libi would be the latest in the dozen-plus senior commanders removed in the clandestine U.S. war against al-Qaeda since Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden last year.

The White House maintains a list of terrorist targets to be killed or captured, compiled by the military and the CIA and ultimately approved by the president.

Al-Libi’s death would be ‘another reason not to accept Pakistan’s demand for an end to drone wars,’ added Brookings Institute’s Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer and adviser to the White House on Afghanistan and Pakistan policy.

Pakistani protesters took to the streets on Monday, shouting anti-U.S. slogans during a demonstration in the city of Multan.

They burnt both U.S. and Nato flags as they chanted and their hand-drawn signs had slogans stating ‘America and Nato are war terrorists.”

Source: The Daily Mail UK

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