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FG Deploys New Bomb Detectors at Airports

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Lagos Airport



By Chinedu Eze


“Reacting to the increased security threat in the country, the Federal Government has deployed more bomb detectors and search mirrors at the nation’s airports.

THISDAY learnt on Wednesday that the bomb detectors have been deployed at every access road to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos (MMIA) and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has embarked on massive training of aviation security officials to meet with the current spate of security threats in the country.

A top security official in the agency told THISDAY that FAAN is also creating awareness among air travelers and other users of the airports so that they report any suspicious moves as security operatives have also intensified their vigilance of the airports environment.

“Awareness has doubled. In the past if we see a bag we overlook it but now the situation has changed. Besides the incident of last night when anti bomb squad diffused a suspected bag at E, arrival of the Lagos airport, even this morning (Wednesday)somebody kept his bag at the terminal and left for the car park because he did not want to pay for the trolley, but before he came back the bag was impounded.

The police and other security operatives know that people’s lives may be in danger so they have to be extra vigilant,” the official said.

The bomb detector was one of the planned security equipment that would be deployed at the airports as the senior security official said that the every effort was being made to ensure that the security at the nation’s airports was not caught napping by terrorists.

“We have intensified training of security personnel and we have acquired new equipment and more are still to come. We have deployed bomb detectors, we have got some but we need 20 more to cover all the airports in the country. We have already deployed the bomb detectors at the airports in Kano, Abuja and Lagos.”

The official said that one of the major challenges at the Lagos airport was the many access roads to the terminal, saying that the airport needs many of the bomb detectors and what is good about the detectors was the fact that it is mobile and could be moved about, depending on the situation on ground.

Also FAAN is building speed breakers near the terminals to ensure that vehicles maintain a controlled speed while approaching the facilities.

The bomb detectors are operated by those trained to handle them along with well-armed policemen and suspicious vehicles are forced to stop in their stride by blocking them from getting near the terminal.

Many of the new equipment the official said would start arriving from next week as every effort would be made to ensure that all necessary high tech equipment is provided to secure the airports in the country.”

Source: Thisaday Newspaper

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