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Yes, that is the most common and familiar sentence we humans give to easily console ourselves for not achieving a goal, task or target.

In this era of social media where you can spend a lifetime on one spot scrolling through tons of pages of Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, Pinterest just to name a few, i kid you not, you can create time if you want to.

So let me show you how create time, cut 20 minutes off your Facebook time, cut 20 minutes off your Twitter time, cut 20 minutes off Instagram or Pinterest time, guess what, that is 60 minutes which makes 1 hour.

That 1 hour (60 minutes make 1 hour, do you still remember?) you just saved can be invested in your health by exercising at home or in a gym, used to study for that professional examination or online course or that particular thing you have never had time for e.g. studying the Bible, Quran, praying, learning to cook a healthy meal instead of buying fast (junk) food or building relationships (networking).

Warning; This writer is guilty of I DON’T HAVE TIME’ syndrome too and is currently realigning his priorities in life. Selah.

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