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It is Sunday and vege stir fry with smoked chicken is on my mind.

It is Sunday and I am craving vegetable stir fry as if my life depends on it.

So i popped into the kitchen to get available ingredients needed to make one.

Top on the list is my favourite vegetable which is Kale, i love this vege with the whole of my heart because it is one gift from nature that is worth millions of dollars in nutrient’s money. See the advantages of Kale here 10 Proven Benefits of Kale (No. 1 is Very Impressive).


Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Parsley, Carrots, Capsicum (green), Smoked chicken, Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Salt, Chili Pepper, mixed herbs spice and Olive oil.

How to make it

Add Olive oil and allow to heat on low gas for 3 minutes.

Add the already cut Onion

Add 2 Tbsps. of Ginger

Add the cut Garlic

Add salt to taste

Add the cut Capsicum

Add salt to taste

Add Carrots

Add Parsley

Add Celery

Add Kale

Add Broccoli

Add Cauliflower

Add the chicken

Cook for 5 minutes to make sure you get the perfect taste.

Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 005


Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 002

Smoked Chicken

Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 006


Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 001

All Ingredients

Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 007


Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 008


Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 009


Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 010


Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 011

Celery stalk

Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 012


Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 013

Garlic, Ginger.

Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 016

Onion in Olive oil.

Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 017

Onion + Capsicum

Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 018

Onion + Capsicum + Celery

Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 020

Onion + Capsicum + Celery + Carrots

Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 022

Onion + Capsicum + Celery + Carrots + Parsley + Broccoli

Vege Stir Fry -Chicken 023

Onion + Capsicum + Celery + Carrots + Parsley + Broccoli + Cauliflower

This bloke is an upcoming chef , watch this space.

©All rights reserved Oladapo Kolawole 2015.

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