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5 Things You Need To Start Your Healthy Living Journey.

Work in progress

Healthy living is a journey and work in progress.

There is a Chinese proverb which says ” The journey of a thousand miles, starts with the first step”.┬áThere is also a popular saying by those who play Lotto ” You have got to be in it, to be a winner.”

You can’t live healthy just by wishing it, you have to do something about that your undesired weight , body shape or lifestyle.

Here are the 5 things based on my personal experience which will help you;

  1. Yourself.

I once read this quote somewhere ” You can’t shave a man’s head behind him”. This simply means you need to convince yourself and make up your mind that you need a healthy lifestyle. Without you being convinced, nobody in this world can help you even if you are forced to do a weight loss surgery, you can still eat your way back to obesity.

2. Commitment.

You need to be committed to your healthy living goals and stay true to your self.  This starts from your grocery shopping, to your cooking style, to your eating habits and creating time to exercise either at home or at a gymnasium.

3. Consistency.

Practice makes perfect.

For you to see visible results in your body or health, you must be consistent in your healthy eating and exercises.

You can’t go to the gym in one day and expect to lose 10 kg or get a flat tummy in a jiffy.

You must be consistent to achieve your goals.

4. Determination.

You must be determined to surmount all obstacles that come your way in your healthy living journey.

There will be days you will not feel like going to a gym at all but you still have to find a way of doing a few exercises at home.

Don’t expect everyone around you to support you either, remember it is all about you. So when people around you opt for deep-fried and large quantity of food, you have to be determined to go for grilled, baked or steamed and low-calorie which may not be popular or as sweet as what others are having.

5. Information and Accountability

Information is key to being successful in life. There are loads of resources out there on the internet and around you to help you in your healthy living journey. You need to be able to sieve through what works or not.

It is advisable that you consult a doctor and a dietitian before you start your healthy living journey. They will help you determine what you need to do or eat to achieve your goals.

You need to find someone you will be accountable to in journey to achieving your goals. this may be your partner, family member or a gym buddie, this should be someone who shares your vision,not a hater who will end up discouraging you.

For me, my wife fell naturally into this role, she is always encouraging me and always on my neck when i am derailing and i can hear her saying “You can’t lose weight with that biscuit in your hand.”

Above all, remember it is all about you , so stay true to yourself.

Oladapo is currently on a healthy living journey of discoveries and will be sharing his successes and failures with you on this blog as he progresses.

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