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BBQ Chicken & Coleslaw #DinnerIdeas



What to eat for dinner is always a big concern for those concerned with eating healthy or living a healthy lifestyle.

Meals for dinners should be light so our bodies are not over worked while we sleep since we won’t be burning the food eaten due to inactivity.

This meal for barbecued chicken and coleslaw with beetroot is a perfect idea for dinner and it is pretty easy and simple to make.


Premixed, washed and ready to eat coleslaw with beetroot

Chicken drumsticks.

Salad dressing.

Ginger (grated)

Garlic (grated).

How to make your dinner.

Wash your chicken in water at least twice with lemon or lime.

Grate your Ginger and Garlic.

Add the grated Ginger and Garlic to the washed chicken

Add your favourite herbs, spices, salt and pepper to taste. 

Pour the premixed coleslaw in a salad bowl, add your preferred salad dressing and cover till when ready to eat.

Grill your chicken with low flame in order to get the perfect chicken with an awesome taste for about 20 -30 minutes.

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