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Still can’t get my blogging mojo.



bulb_thinking_by_joanedesign-d50u5ywI know I haven’t been blogging as I ought to, which isn’t a good thing for my teeming fans out there who look forward to my blog posts.

For one reason or the other, one majorly being something quite personal, I am not really pumped up as I used to be.

I hope with my ongoing #Blogging101 course I will be able to pick up some inspirations and begin to make those healthy meals and smoothies again.

The good thing about today is that it is Friday and the weekend is right upon us, the sad thing is weekends don’t last like weekdays, they go quite fast and before we know it is Monday again !!!.

I am craving ‘Ponmo’, cowhide (skin of the cow), a delicacy which is slow cooked and then added to vegetables or stew sauce. I doubt if it has any nutritional value but it is quite sweet and yummy when left for some hours in the stew sauce. i am going just eat that this weekend and have fun.

I may share some pictures here if remember to take them as I almost finished the last one I cooked right on the cook stove.

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6 thoughts on “Still can’t get my blogging mojo.

  1. Just have a break and come back to it when you are ready, we will not leave you! Life has a bad habit of getting in the way of blogging!! You are not alone, Cheers Nicole

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  2. haha writer’s block is everywhere… When I have nothing to write or not in the mood to blog – I take a break, I use that time to re strategise what I want to write next.. seeing as you’re into pictures, a good one will be to take pictures of any and everything – you never know which one may inspire you! x

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  3. Hi David, I nominated you for a Bloggers Award, if you would accept and join, please visit my link

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