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10 International Breakfasts Healthier Than Yours | Eat This Not That

If you think the rest of the world is just sucking down cigs and croissants for breakfast, you’re sadly mistaken. Take a cue from these countries’ better-for-you choices—and get your ‘Merica on by welcoming the following healthy breakfast ideas into your life.

Source: 10 International Breakfasts Healthier Than Yours | Eat This Not That

Why not seafood stir fry?

Hi folks, this afternoon while i was on the train going home, i was seriously craving seafood and the thought came to my mind why not seafood infused vegetable stir fry?

I couldn’t wait to get home, unfortunately i had only prawns and salmon to cook with so i made use of what i had.


3 slices of Salmon

3 medium-sized Carrots

2 cups of Prawns

2 Onions

2 measures of Broccoli

2 cups of Kale

2 cups of Celery( stalk + leaves)

1 Lemon (squeezed juice)

Olive oil.

Cook in Olive oil for 10 minutes and you are ready for a yummy dish.

You can eat with small portion of brown rice or quinoa if you can’t eat alone.

WARNING: Seek a dietitian’s advice for alternatives if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used.

Onion + Celery + Prawn + Spinach + SalmonAll ingredients- Seafood Vege Stir fry Broccoli Carrots & Lemon Celery Kale   Onion + Celery + Prawn Onion + Celery Onion PrawnPrwanSpinachOnion + Celery + Prawn + SpinachSeafood Vege Stir fry (13)

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