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Man who dismembered girlfriend with circular saw gets 28 years’ jail

A MAN who claimed his live-in lover had died an accidental death before he cut up her body with a power saw has been jailed for at least 21 years for her murder.

Neal Richardson’s treatment of the body was partly an “expression of anger and hatred” towards Kiralee Grant, Justice Lucy McCullum said in the NSW Supreme Court today.

Richardson, 45, was found guilty last November of murdering Ms Grant, 41, in April 2010, at the unit they shared in Malabar in Sydney’s east.

He dismembered her body, included cutting off her hands and nipples, before he put the pieces in garbage bags and dumped them on a rural property on the NSW south coast.

Justice McCullum expressed her sympathy to the parents of Ms Grant, whose twin sister was murdered in Brisbane in 1991.

The judge found Richardson was partly motivated to cut up the body to remove evidence of injuries inflicted by him.
She noted the jury rejected his claim that Ms Grant, a prostitute who was a heavy user of drugs and alcohol, died when she hit her head on a coffee table after falling during a fight.

Ms Grant died the day before she was due to give evidence against Richardson, who had initially been refused bail after being charged with assaulting her in October 2009.

“The existence of the charge and the impending hearing is relevant to an assessment of the offender’s likely state of mind on the night he killed Ms Grant,” the judge said.

On the night she died, Ms Grant borrowed a mobile phone from a neighbour to call her bank to order a new card as she had lost her purse.

“The recordings of those telephone calls are chilling,” the judge said.

“They reveal that Ms Grant was at times incoherent, angry, frustrated and distressed.

“The offender, by contrast, was calm, politely providing the information required by the bank.”

The judge was satisfied Ms Grant rang the bank under threat from Richardson and “that she was in grave fear of harm at his hands at that time”.

She found Richardson had formed the intention to kill Ms Grant and was forcing her to make the calls so he would have access to her bank account after her death.

The judge set a maximum term of 28 years.

Source: The News Australia

#Nigeria Governor Oshiomhole’s Aide Assassinated In Edo State

Comrade Olaitan Oyerinde
By Saharareporters, New York

Olaitan Oyerinde a popular labour activist and principal secretary to the Governor of Edo State Adams Oshiomhole was murdered in cold blood last night around 2: 00 AM by unknown gunmen in Benin city, the capital of Edo state.

Comrade Olaitan was shot to death in front of his wife and children by armed assassins who stormed his officials residence in the city. His murder is apparently related to the Governor Oshiomhole’s upcoming re-election campaign in Edo State. As an official aide to the governor Olaitan is crucial to the coordination and management of electioneering activities for the governor. Comrade Olaitan a University of Lagos alumni is well-known and highly respected as an excellent organizer.

Just last week the governor narrowly escaped a mysterious auto accident in the state, a truck rammed into his convoy as he was returning from a campaign rally, killing 3 journalists and injuring several others.

Also,  a few hours later a group of assassins stormed the house of the commissioner of information in the state Louis Odion attempting to kill him but the commissioner escaped being killed because he was not home when the assassins came calling.

Source-Sahara Reporters

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