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The Land is green, so also is this juice. #GreenBoost

Hello awesome folks.

I must confess any project or task in life requires commitment and i am highly inspired by the results i am seeing in body and and the encouragement from people all over the world who love to change their lifestyle by living healthy and eating responsibly.

Warning: This is not sweet at all but those who love it sweet may increase the apples or introduce pineapple.


1 handful of Kale (i love this vegetable, i can eat it almost everyday).

1 Handful of Celery leaves

1 Handful of Parsley

1 Handful of Cucumber

1 Handful of Mint

2 Green Apples

1 Tbsp (table spoon) of Ginger

Green Boost 001 Green Boost 002 Green Boost 003 Green Boost 004 Green Boost 005 Green Boost 006 Green Boost 007 Green Boost 009 Green Boost 010

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